Reaction roles
The Reaction Roles module allows users to assign and un-assign roles to themselves without needing any extra permissions by simply reacting to a message with an emoji.


With the free version of Hyperion you can create up to 3 reaction roles with up to 6 emote/role pairs per reaction. With Hyperion Pro, you can create unlimited reaction roles and have up to 15 emote/role pairs per reaction.

How to setup Reaction Roles

  1. 1.
    Create your reaction role.
    • To do this, run %rr create in your server, replacing name with the name you would like the reaction role to be.
      • Example: %rr create pingRoles
  2. 2.
    Create your roles and get your emotes set. (we will need this for the next few steps)
  3. 3.
    Add your roles and emotes to the reaction role you created in step one.
    • To do this, run %rr add , replacing the name, emote, and role accordingly.
      • Example: %rr add pingRoles πŸ“£ Announcement Ping
  4. 4.
    Post/attach your reaction role.
    • To post it (have Hyperion post an embed), use %rr post , replacing name and channel accordingly.
    • To have it post on a pre-existing message, use %rr attach <message ID/link>
      • If you are using the message ID, a channel is required. If you use the message link, you ONLY have to supply the message link.


Command Name
%rr list
Shows the server reaction roles
%rr list
%rr create
Makes a new reaction role
%rr create
%rr create sally
%rr delete
Deletes a reaction role
%rr delete
%rr delete sally
%rr add
Adds an emote/role pair
%rr add
%rr add :sally: Sally
%rr remove
Removes an emote/role pair
%rr remove
%rr remove :sally:
%rr show
Shows info about a reaction role
%rr show
%rr show sally
%rr reset
Resets linked messages
%rr reset
%rr reset sally
%rr post
Posts a message with a reaction role (Hyperion posts)
%rr post
%rr post sally #sally-cute
%rr attach
Adds a reaction role to an existing message (see setup for additional information on this command)
%rr attach [channel] <message ID/link>
%rr attach sally #sally-cute 767480898420604968 %rr attach sally​