Hyperion Docs

Welcome to the official Hyperion documentation. Here you will find information, tutorials, FAQ questions, and troubleshooting steps to get Hyperion to work in your server.

What is Hyperion?

Hyperion is a multi purpose bot designed to let you tweak it to your desire.
The goal of this project is to have a bot that lets you tweak as many settings as possible. To give server managers the control they need to do what they please. To give users a great experience, from the social and fun features, to info filled stats.
While still in early development, Hyperion already features a robust core months in the making It has a starboard, a management suite, basic info commands, rep, daily, reaction roles, an advanced logging system, and some fun commands To top it all off, development is happening constantly behind the scenes, with updates coming regularly!

Current Feature Set

  • Moderation: Timed + sticky mutes, bans, case management, modlogs, a nickname decancer command. Hyperion has a robust set of commands to help you moderate your server.
  • Starboard: with the ability to ignore channels, allow self stars if you choose, change the number of stars needed, and will soon allow for ignored roles and using a custom emote in place of the star.
  • Social: Rep your friends, give someone your daily money or keep it for yourself, and set a bio that shows on your whois page with much more to come.
  • Fun: Owoify text to uwu it to the max, take a look at an adorable chocolate lab, Sally, or bean your friends.
  • Manager: Change the prefix for the server, enable/disable commands and modules, set slowmode for your channels, and configure various settings for the bot.
  • Info: some basic stats about the bot, server, or users.
  • Logging: Logs various events that happen in the server.
  • Reaction Roles: Ability to create self-assignable roles that user can get with a single reaction!
  • Levels: Reward members for activity with XP points and leveled roles and track who is the most active in your server with the leaderboard!
  • Voice Text Linking: Have a channel set for users to get access when they join a voice channel.
  • Embeds: Fully customizable embeds to make your server look more organized!
  • Welcome/Goodbye: Welcome members in your server with a custom message! (does not support embeds)
There is documentation for each module and the commands that go with it. In the command example, <> means that that argument is required. If there is [] this means that the argument is optional, but not required.
Do NOT actually use <> or [] when running the command
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